Company values

Being a reference in the granite sector, we are aware that our privileged position is due to the hard work of our human team. EuroCKP is committed with its employees and the region where we are located, in the South of Galicia – Spain.
Our workers are our main asset: thanks to them we are able to provide an excellent service, answering efficiently our customers’ demands.
Our core values define the way we aim to achieve our goals, and take care of our clients, the society and the environment:

We follow moral values to develop our personal and professional activity, based on honesty, courtesy and honour.
. Commitment and service to our CLIENTS AND THE SOCIETY
We feel responsible of our actions and tend to provide a high quality service to our clients.
. Working with PEOPLE
We believe in teamwork: the goal of each employee being company´s growth, professional development and personal improvement.
.We take care of the ENVIRONMENT
We are fully committed to develop our activities respecting the environment and allowing a sustainable development.
.We care for Security and Health at work
Our prevention policy involves every employee and visitor in our facilities. We care about the health of our employees and look after the fulfilment of prevention regulations throughout our activity and production processes.


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