Production and innovation

EuroCKP currently runs a maximum 700,000 sqm/year production capacity.
The company offers our worldwide client network a wide range of granite varieties, in various thickness, finishing and measures.
Our machinery and organizational structure enables us to easily answer any granite demand from the market, either in terms of interior or outer applications:
– Interior uses: countertops, washrooms, interior flooring, stairs and decoration, etc.
– Outer uses: façades, governmental projects, pavements, monuments, etc.
An innovative photo shoot system is set up on top of each of our polishing lines. This helps us to record a massive image folder of each and every slab processed at EuroCKP.
We are able to access our slab photo databank from any place in the world, and consequently check on the material quality at any time and rapidly supplying our clients with this vital information.


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